Welcome to the Digital Sound & Video Custom Sweeper Builder!  Here you can listen to demos and select the voice talent that you want, select the style and format that you want and enter your custom copy (up to 30 words per sweeper).  There is no minimum number of sweepers that you can order, and no maximum number than you can order.  Get exactly what you need!  Just follow these simple steps:


1.  Complete an order form below for each sweeper that you need

2.  Select the Production Style

3.  Choose your Voice Talent

4.  Select your station's format

5.  Enter your copy.  30 words max.  Sweepers over 30 words will be rejected after review.

6.  Enter any special instructions (ie read style, special effects requested, etc)

7.  Click BUY NOW to add to your cart.

8.  Return to the sweeper design form for each sweeper that you need (which will add them to your cart)

9. When you are done, just choose checkout, choose your pay method and we'll get to work asap!  (Sweepers will be delivered in 1-2 business days).  

You can review items in your cart and remove them by clicking on the cart icon below.


NOTE:  At this time, we are only able to produce single voice sweepers, but look for multiple voice sweepers coming soon!

Questions before you get started?  Email us HERE.  We'll be happy to assist you.

Male Voice Talent

Female Voice Talent

Adam 12
Kevin Charles
Rob Fiorino
Dan Friedman
Otis Jiry
Ed LaComb
Khristian Lee
Mike McKay
Duke Morgan
Jay Nachlis
Connor Quinn
Roger Stevens
Andrea Balsa
Sayra Boerner
Beth Christy
Beth Deehan
Shannon Holly
Tracy Leek
Fran McClellan
Justine Thomas
Listen for Future Talent
Listen for Future Talent
Listen for Future Talent

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But our producers are even more experienced!  With an average of 25 years experience each, you are getting PROS on your job, not amateurs.


- Radio Imaging

- Radio and TV Commercial Production

- Industrial Video Production

- Voice Talent (Not Avail in PA, NY, CA, AZ or MD)

-Commercial Copywriting

- On Hold Messaging

- Podcast Production


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