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IBA Members Save Here!

Why Digital Sound & Video?

With over 23 years of experience in creating amazing station branding for stations all over the Top 10 markets to the smallest of markets, Digital Sound & Video has been at the forefront of radio imaging.  With state-of-the-art production studios, a highly experienced team of in-house producers (no we don't farm out your project to some indy producer), and over 75 music and sound effects libraries at our disposal to create your sound, DSV can make your station stand out among the crowd.

Why DSV?

1) We can do it better, faster and more affordably than you can even do it in house.  Think about it...How much do you pay for salaries, benefits (insurance, vacations), equipment to produce, music libraries, etc.  Add it all up and we are a fraction of that cost.  And you, as an IBA member, it's even less.

2) You get a TEAM of pro producers.  Everyone here are experienced radio imaging and commercial production producers with a minimum of 20 years experience.

3) Best turnaround time in the biz. We don't say that, our clients do.  Repeatedly.

4) Our clients also tell us that we are the BEST to work with due to our superior customer-focused service.

Now you can save on our most popular imaging production-only packages!

20 Points** Per Month...Reg $150.00, save 30% at $100 per month!

40 Points** Per Month...Reg $250.00, save 20% at $200 per month!

60 Points** Per Month...Reg $375.00, save 20% at $300 per month!

All Packages include our famous "Rollover and Borrow" options allowing you to rollover unused points from one month to the next * Plus you can borrow up to 20% of your upcoming month early if you run out of points/credits in the current month.

Best of all, these packages cover EVERY STATION in your cluster!  Use the points on ANY station in your market cluster without the need for licensing each station.

*Rollover points must be used in the next consecutive month, otherwise they will expire.  Regular points must be exhausted first before rollover points may be used.

**Point Values on common elements:

-Sweepers (up to 30 words each)...2 points

-Mini Promos (31-45 words each)...5 points

-Full Promos (46 words up to 60 seconds each)...10 points

-Ask for our full Point Menu of over a dozen different types of elements.

Contact Ed LaComb at 386-671-2122 x301 or at and be sure to mention that you are a IBA member for discount pricing.

We can also custom-build a solution for your specific need.  

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