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Audio Sweets-Central 1-Presented by DSV.
CENTRAL 1 Demo - Audio Sweets/DSV

I’m generally reluctant to hand out testimonials for imaging libraries. There are so many of them, mostly not worth your time and/or money. This one is NOT that…at all. It’s not a gigantic library, but every cut is eminently usable and the price is affordable, even for the smallest budgets.


This is one library that will grab your listeners by the ears and shake them up. Everything punches through beautifully, adding impact and urgency when needed. Used well, it can act as a perfect counterpoint for any piece of production. At a price like this, you’d be crazy not to pick it up right away. If your GM won’t spring for it, you should. Just make sure you take it with you to your next gig. -Dave Foxx

CENTRAL 1 is 390 cuts:  
-Artist Drops    -Attacks    -Beats   -Beds
-Contest Elements     -News/Sports/Weather Elements  
All KILLERS.  No Fillers.  $195 Buyout.  Get yours now!  
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